About Us

About Us

Karvansaraye Nazanin Industrial Group could put into operation UPVC Profile Production Factory labeled Dr. Win in special economic zone of Payam Airport in a land with an area of 17000 square meters, by relying on God and endeavors of ambitious managers and personnel.
Design of frames for producing Dr. Win profiles has been exclusive to gain the final product’s strength and safetyenough according to C.E. standards.
Applying the most modern and advanced intelligent machineries and also technical knowledge of foreign specialists in the production area, Dr. Win tries to enhance its quality and pave this way along with the world’s up-to-date technology. Dr. Win deems his duty to increase variety and quality in production and to introduce types of products, and renovation and creativity are our tools to perform this mission.
By now, Dr. Win produced profiles are designed and produced in two types of WIN60 (4chamber) and WIN70 (5chamber).

One of the significant points of produced profiles by this Company is its special and unique design which included the following items:
A)    Ability to be laminated and its variety of colors
B)    Equipped with decorative frame, your window will be more attractive than ever and you will have a broader view from outside
C)    With a strengthening galvanized model, you can build window and door from Dr. Win profiles.
D)    Dr. Win design has considered a slope level to discharge rainwater.

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Contact US

Contact US

Central Office: 2nd floor, No. 3, Morghab St., Khorramshahr St., North Sohravardi St., Tehran – Iran.

0098 21 88507451 – 55

Fax: 0098 21 88516601

Email: info@drwinupvc.com

Factory: KarvansarayeNazanin, Economic Special Zone of Payam Airport, Mehrshahr, Karaj – Iran.

Tel: 0098 26 33266202 – 04

Fax: 0098 26 33266120

UPVC Privileges

  • Color variety 
  • Sound insulator 
  • Recyclability 
  • Delicate & attractive  
  • High security 
  • Non-Flammable 
  • High- & low-temperature insulator 
  • Electricity insulator 
  • UV resistance
  • Preventing water and rain leakage  
  • Preventing dust entering 
  • Resistant against corrosion 
  • In compliance with various climates