Karvansaraye Nazanin Industrial Group could put into operation UPVC Profile Production Factory labeled Dr. Win in special economic zone of Payam Airport in a land with an area of 17000 square meters, by relying on God and endeavors of ambitious managers and personnel.  
Design of frames for producing Dr. Win profiles has been exclusive to gain the final product’s strength and safety enough according to C.E. standards.
Applying the most modern and advanced intelligent machineries and also technical knowledge of foreign specialists in the production area, Dr. Win tries to enhance its quality and pave this way along with the world’s up-to-date technology.

What is UPVC?
It is the raw material for UPVC doors and windows which is driven from Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride. This material is made of a kind of modern thermoplastic consisting of petroleum main derivatives and sodium chloride and the following materials are added to it through UPVS production process, including:
•    Impact modifiers
•    Fixtures
•    Heat stabilizers
•    Fillers
•    Processing aids
•    Pigments
•    Lubricants
Which made it to be applied as profiles for doors and windows.

UPVC Privileges

Sound insulator     Color variety
High- & low-temperature insulator    High security
Electricity insulator    Non-Flammable
Delicate & attractive    In compliance with various climates
Affordable     Recyclability
UV resistance    Preventing water and rain leakage
Resistant against corrosion    Preventing dust entering


One of the significant points of Dr.Win profiles is its special and unique design which included the following items:
1.    Ability to be laminated and its variety of colors
2.    Equipped with decorative frame, your window will be more attractive than ever and you will have a broader view from outside
3.    With a strengthening galvanized model, you can build window and door from Dr. Win profiles.
4.    Dr. Win design has considered a slope level to discharge rainwater.
5.    The produced profiles were improved according to 12291 & 6840 standards of Iran Standard National Institute.

Colored Profiles

Colored profiles were produced in line with meeting clients’ requirements and based on their taste and also expanding our production and selling markets by making use of new technology.
It should be mentioned that presented laminated profiles included:
Indoor and outdoor types and color fastness which could be selected at the time of purchasing by clients.

Technical Specifications of Profiles
60 mm: 4chamber
70 mm: 5chamber

Quality Control

In quality control phase, laboratory of Dr.Win is equipped with advanced laboratory equipment and tools and some samples are selected daily and randomly to be tested according to RAL GZ 716/1 in hard conditions.
Implemented tests on Dr.Win profiles are as follows:
1.    Dimension test
2.    Thickness test
3.    Curvature test
4.    Mass test in length unit
5.    Resistance test against impact
6.    Heat return test
7.    Reflection after heat test
8.    Welding test
9.    Color holding test

The chief manager of the complex is obliged to follow this policy and to notify it to all personnel, and as the main member of Dr. Win Family, he would ask personnel to comprehend it completely and assist Company in achieving this policy thoroughly.


1.    Obtaining National Standard Award from ISIRI.
2.    ISO 9001:2008 in production management
3.    ISO 10002:2004 for clients voice
4.    BS OHSAS 18001:2007 for safety in working environment
5.    ISO 14001: 2004 for environment friendly
6.    Europe C.E. standard
One of the strategic policies of this Company to attract clients’ attention and trust on the best quality of product is Quality Guarantee Insurance by Iran Insurance Organization which shall be submitted to clients and it will guarantee the quality of products of this Company for ten years.


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