Dr. Win Qualitative Policy
KarvansarayeNazanin Company, as one of the best manufacturers of UPVC producers in Iran, took action for quality management system in line with ever-increasing progress based on ISO 9001 2000 standard, so introduced the following factors as its strategic policy and designed its goals in this regard:

  •   Constant improvement of quality management and its effectiveness
  •    Promotion of quality level of products and services to increase client’s consent more than ever
  •    Creating a proper ground to expand research and development in line with upgrading technology of production and product design, studying client’s requirements and finally providing his/her desire
  •     Improving production process and decreasing deficiencies to enhance production rate and to decrease prices and to attract client’s attention
  •     Providing a dynamic, motivated and fresh environment for personnel and developing an appropriate   environment to flourish creative personnel
  •     Training personnel at all levels to promote their knowledge, skills and capabilities
  •     Expanding our presence in international markets and obtaining more share in it
  •     Increasing relation and reliability with domestic and foreign suppliers to increase mutual benefits
  • The chief manager of the complex is obliged to follow this policy and to notify it to all personnel, and as the main member of Dr. Win Family, he would ask personnel to comprehend it completely and assist Company in achieving this policy thoroughly.

To be continued, this policy shall be reconsidered annually in compliance with qualitative goals.