ProductsWIN 70

WIN 70

  •     This profile is glossy, reflective and white surface which is fitted for any location with nice view.
  •     Dr.Win70 Profiles have the capability of usage and placing and opening specifications of WIN60.
  •     Dr.Win70 Profiles has the capability of using a galvanized model for all profile cut.
  •     It is suitable for each decoration with decorative and fitted frames.
  •     Due to two-layer groove and three-layer plastic, you will be protected from dust, rain and pollution.
  •     Due to capability of placing uni-layer, dual-layer and triple-layer, your environment will be insulated from sound pollution of city.
  •     This profile with width of 70 mm and standard holes of 5chamber will help a proper insulation for your environment.
  •     To prevent types of robbery with capability of special adjustments.
  •     Equipping with glossy and soft surface, it can be clean easily and having anti-static characteristic, it may be rarely covered by dust.
  •     Designing this profile has facilitate easily opening and closing.
  •     This profile is consisted of standard raw materials according to World’s standards and significant longevity, with 10 years of guarantee.